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Why You Don’t Have to Worry About the NLRB

by timgarrett

In recent years the business leadership community has watched the evolution of the National Labor Relations Board from being the generally non-partisan group as it was originally intended to the decidedly pro-union muscle that it has become with every new board appointment.  If you’re on the Right, this development is a source of alarm. If you’re on the Left it’s a source of empowerment.  Regardless of your politics, if you’re a business owner or leader, the increasing imposition of the NLRB into day-to-day people management is a source of concern.

But, despite all the clamor in either direction, the NLRB really doesn’t have to play a significant role in your business.… Read the rest

Are Your Leaders Talent Keepers?

by timgarrett

You’re in HR. So surely you’ve heard that truism that people don’t leave their companies, they leave their bosses. While there are contrarians out there who consider it fashionable to “debunk” that belief, you know better from practical experience. Nothing will disenchant and then disengage a hard-won high performer faster than working for a poor leader or manager. Someone focused on the end results of what people do versus the people who create the results. Anyone come to mind?

So we know this to be a truth based on our own first-hand experience.  And so we try training our managers. Things improve a little bit for a little while.… Read the rest

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Union Jujitsu: How to Beat Unions At Their Own Game

by timgarrett

HR leaders who have been paying attention have been noticing that unions are looming larger in their operating decisions than in recent memory. True, the argument can be made that their membership numbers in the private sector are still historically low. But unions are drawing their strength and power from new sources – namely union-friendly political administrations on both the state and national levels.

While the prospect of union interference itself can only be bad news to most employers, unions can help you make your workplace an even better place to work. Not through collective bargaining and contractual strong-arming. But by showing you where you can improve your culture and give your people what they need, want and deserve in advance of organizing activities.… Read the rest