About Diversified Performance Solutions, LLC

Diversified Performance Solutions (DPS) was created in 2008 by Tim Garrett, who retired from Honda of America, with more than 33 years in the manufacturing industry.

DPS was founded on the principles of business ethics, personal integrity and value creation. We welcome the opportunity to work with quality organizations of any size or line of business that want to create positive change to enhance competitiveness and employees’ work environment.

The DPS Philosophy

In this era of rapidly expanding globalization, the need to achieve world-class performance is not only critical but also essential to remaining competitive and ensuring business longevity.

Businesses can follow one of two paths: Hold on to history or embrace the future. It is only the latter path that leads to success. The constant re-examination of every intricate business detail is required to ensure effective and positive change to secure the future.

All companies are essentially the same regardless of their location or line of business. In its simplest form, a business is a continuum of daily operations carried out by a workforce. The strength of which is directly related to the knowledge, commitment and cohesiveness of its people.

With labor costs constantly creating competitive challenges, the ability to manage these core costs, while maintaining employee commitment and engagement has never been more critical. From compensation plans to retirement programs to health care coverage, the strategic and effective management of these core costs will determine the competitiveness of any company from both short- and long-term perspectives.

Achieving optimal performance requires a delicate balance between the needs and expectations of the business as well as its people. Such balance can only be achieved when short-term goals and objectives are rooted in long-term strategies guided by a clear vision and principles. Strong operational characteristics backed by thoughtful decision making and trusted leadership are key elements to ensuring longevity in an ever-increasing global competitive market. This is also essential in maintaining positive employee relations in any organization and especially true for those non-represented companies, where the workforce could potentially seek a representative voice.

Support and Collaboration

With extensive and proven experience in these critical business areas, Diversified Performance Solutions (DPS) will help you analyze core operational areas, identify areas for improvement and recommend effective diversified solutions. Through a supportive and collaborative relationship, DPS can help implement the changes that will strengthen your operations, provide proven strategies to address employee/labor relations challenges and provide you the competitive edge necessary to compete in the present as well as in the future.