About Tim

Tim GarrettTim has over 33 years of hands on practical experience in the administrative/labor relations field. He has worked in both union and non-union environments and has most recently served as Vice President of Administration with Honda of America Mfg., a global automotive industry leader with over $15 billion in revenue and nearly 13,000 associates/employees. He has extensive experience in a wide range of human resource areas and strategic planning including:

  • Leadership and Managerial Mentoring
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Comprehensive Health Care Management
  • Retirement/Post Retirement Design and  Management
  • Workforce Staffing and Realignment
  • Union Avoidance and Campaign Management
  • Creating a Culture of Excellence

North American and Global Environment

During his 25 year career with Honda, Tim played an important role in the growth and success of the organization. He has also developed a deep understanding of the North American and global business environment, and represented Honda’s North American manufacturing operations at global human resource meetings. With oversight of core Administration responsibilities and a labor rate budget exceeding $1 Billion, he has helped Honda remain union free and highly competitive within the industry.

Despite several attempts by organized labor (UAW 3, Teamsters 1) Honda has remained non-union through effective campaign management and the establishment of a positive associate/employee relations climate. With the rapid expansion of the global automotive industry and the fluid changes taking place most recently in the past several years, Tim has helped guide Honda through numerous strategic changes to strengthen the competitiveness of the organization. Creating and leading critical changes in key labor rate areas, Tim has helped Honda save over $200 million and avoid over $1 billion in labor cost over the past 9 years alone. Savings that will continue into the future. These changes involved compensation/benefits, healthcare, retirement/post retirement programs, and workforce restructuring. All the while achieving overall support from the associate/employee workforce, by striking a balance between the needs of the company and the needs of the associates/employees.

In addition to his role within the organization, Tim was involved in supporting the establishment and on-going operations of numerous key OEM suppliers to Honda, as well as leading/assisting with the expansion of Honda manufacturing operations in North America. Despite several aggressive organizing campaigns at key Honda suppliers, through Tim’s campaign leadership no supplier was ever organized when he was directly involved in the campaign. In many cases the campaign ended prior to a vote, and the supplier was able to operate without any further activity.

Practical and successful experience

Understanding the challenges businesses face today, Tim brings a long history of practical and successful experience in very challenging times, that can help organizations of any size or line of business become more competitive by focusing in on core operational characteristics while maintaining strong employee/associate support and engagement.

Tim received his BA degree in Psychology from Ohio Dominican College and his MBA from the University of Dayton.