You need two advantages to achieve the success through the power of your people:  A passionate, committed, loyal workforce that is dedicated to excellence, productivity and profitability. And a management team empowered and dedicated to treating all your people with integrity, respect and dignity.  With those two components in place, you have the freedom to run your business as you see fit. Why? Because all your employees trust you to make business decisions that incorporate both your strategic objectives and your people values.

Drawing on his 25+ years’ experience at Honda of America Manufacturing, the oldest union-free automotive manufacturer in North America, former CHRO Tim A. Garrett has written For the Betterment of the People as a guide to help business leaders create and sustain a workplace culture that is free to succeed – for the benefit of the business … and the betterment of the people who work for it.

A great refresher for seasoned leaders who matured their career in a union-free environment. And a perfect primer for new managers to help them understand the business necessity of creating and sustaining a workplace environment in which the concerns and considerations of the workforce is an essential part of their business strategy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Like Oil and Water: Why Unions Are Bad For Business

Chapter 2: Why People Join Unions

Chapter 3: How Unions Attack

Chapter 4: How the Unions Will Use Your Fear Against You

Chapter 5: How You Can Make the Difference



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Readers Rave

Many executives either misunderstand or fear unions. In the world of work, unions are just one more issue to be dealt with, and fearing them is not the answer. Tim Garrett helps executives better understand the playing field, the rules and the opportunities associated with unions. Read it today and be a better labor relations manager tomorrow.  Arte Nathan, Former CHRO for Wynn Resorts

This back-to-basics book couldn’t have come at a better time. Tim makes a compelling argument that focused programs need to be in place to ensure a strong, respectful relationship with employees. This book provides practical suggestions and ideas from time-tested experience to improve the value of those relationships and to create a non-union environment with truly exceptional results. David C. Thorbahn, President and CEO, Select Sires, Inc.

For the Betterment of the People is a must-read for CEOs and anyone else focused on running the best business possible. Tim Garrett’s experiences with Honda teach us all that having a strong relationship with your employees, and openly communicating with them, will be the most proactive step in union avoidance. This book is a great resource to help prevent a problem, rather than reacting to one. Chip Hubbs, President/CEO, Memorial Hospital of Union County

A straight-forward discussion on the basic premises of labor relations, this book is a quick and useful read for HR practitioners and line supervisors alike. Tim Garrett does a great job of sharing his 30 years of practical labor experience in a concise and useful manner. If you are concerned about maintaining a healthy culture in your business, this is a must-read.  Michael Vandervort, labor relations and social media strategist, Fortune 100 company



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