Union Avoidance

In maintaining a union-free workplace, there are two distinct strategies that can be taken. The first, and many times the most common, is simply keeping a union out of the organization. However, this is a highly reactive strategy that not only minimizes a positive work environment but also results in expensive organizing campaigns  Ultimately, over time, this strategy will fail to avoid unionization.

The other approach is to develop and implement a proactive strategy to create an environment where the workforce not only fails to see a need for union representation but also even actively stands against any attempt to organize. This strategy requires ongoing efforts to create positive employee relations through a balanced approach to business, coupled with effective and on-going communication.

While many may believe that unions are no longer a significant threat, the fundamental reasons why a workforce would seek out representation still exist. This is even more evident in today’s highly competitive global environment, as many companies are making short-term decisions as a means to improve their competitiveness. Many of these changes are having a direct impact on employees’ pay and benefits, as well as security. Experience has shown that unions do not organize companies, but companies organize themselves by failing to create and maintain positive employee relations.

In the political environment that exists today, the concern over card check recognition is greater than ever in our industrial history. With card check recognition the entire landscape of organizing campaigns changes dramatically ue to the elimination of secret ballot voting. Companies can find themselves organized without having the opportunity to communicate and educate their workforce about the impact of becoming unionized.

Establishing and maintaining a positive work environment is essential to avoiding becoming organized under a card check recognition environment.

Equally critical is the development of contingency strategies and plans in the event a card check campaign is launched at an organization.

How DPS can help you:

DPS has extensive experience in maintaining union-free workplaces, as well as successfully defeating organizing campaigns. We can help your organization and implement strategies to create an environment that is resistant to organizing activity. In the event of an actual campaign, DPS can also provide support to successfully overcome the campaign while at the same time ensuring a positive and lasting post-campaign environment.